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About Holy son's love


The Church of the Holy Son's Love was founded in 2013 in Venice, Los Angeles, California, with roots dating back to 2010 in Bellflower, California.

We believe in the Holy Trinity and salvation that comes by having faith and taking action on the Words of Christ. With the Word of God as our foundation, we know that unity with Christ is the key to knowing God's love and truth fully, while receiving His blessings, and gaining the greatest joy and happiness.


Come, join us and see.

Our Pastors:
2022 Profile_edited.jpg
Ben Hur

Lead Pastor

Ben Hur

Director of Women's Ministry

2024-04-08 20.10.40.jpg
Shaun McMillan

Director of Men's Ministry

Emily White

Family Pastor

David Brown

Worship Arts Pastor

Emma Wilson

Children's Ministry Director

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